All-natural Traditional Chinese Medicine: Traceable and safe production area

Yu Tian Biotech uses Traditional Chinese Medicine traceability standard operating procedures to establish safe herbal ingredients. Each ingredient has been screened for pesticide residue, heavy metals, aflatoxin, sulfur dioxide, and bacteria to meet the TFDA inspection specifications.。

Provide high-quality Traditional Chinese Medicinal raw materials for you, and to give you a happy and healthy life.

Guarantee: Production Area Direct Delivery
Origin tracing and contract production area all meet the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) regulations.

Guarantee: Inspection Qualified
TAF Certified Laboratories – Pesticide residue, heavy metals, aflatoxin. and sulfur dioxide all comply with TFDA regulations and standards.。

Guarantee: Compliance with EU regulations
Compliance with EU PIC/S GMP production plants strictly control the food production process.