Professional Formula Optimization, all-natural Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yu Tian Biotech focuses on the scientific research and development of Traditional Chinese Medicine related products, and provides high-quality products to food and medical factories, and professional sales teams.  Because of that, we can promote herbal medicinal products to the international market. 
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biotechnology: Experts in Medicine and Food homology

Yu Tian Biotech has an exclusive analysis laboratory for Chinese herbal medicine, a medicinal fungus laboratory, a pharmacology laboratory, a TAF standard inspection laboratory, and a production process that is compliant with EU PIC/S GMP. 

Yu Tian is not only experts of food and medicine, they also have a professional R&D for production. Yu Tian Biotech aspires to provide R&D, production, sales and strategies to contribute to the health and life of all mankind, making our world healthier, happier, wealthier, and more complete.